Print and Pattern Choices: Mansion in May

I’m trying to nail down some of the details for the show house garden and I’ve narrowed my print/pattern choices down to what I think I want to use. I’ve also experimented with some combinations. These are the details that can make a project sing or fall flat. They always make me nervous.

Initial choices...some editing will be done

Color is important, as is scale and texture just like in a garden bed. Design is design is design…it all follows the same principles. The overall look is this…

The floor will be navy blue...

I’ve been collecting outdoor fabric and trim swatches on Pinterest to make this process easier…I also have a Mansion in May board there to keep track of things.

4 thoughts on “Print and Pattern Choices: Mansion in May

  1. Doug–The floor is going to float above a tar roof. It will be stained wood, but we’re still discussing the particulars.

  2. I wonder about some of the base design choices selected here. The inward orientation of the low table and pillows on the floor seems to ignore what is most likely the best feature of such a balcony; the views out to the landscape from on high. Plus, it just isn’t a very comfortable set up for most people, and may either be baking or freezing, and again. puts one at eye level with brick walls. Choice of rendered view also seems counter-intuitive, as this vignette will mostly be viewed from inside looking out, yet seems conceptualized as looming back to the doors/access. Obviously in a teaser blog entry, we’re not privy to the larger story or setting. The various elements also seem a bit underscaled for the intended theme; over the top Raj luxury.

    Show gardens aren’t easy to do without enough budget, and the temporary nature of them often leads to rather unpragmatic real world design solutions, but this design doesn’t look inviting to me.

  3. It’s always difficult to present ideas in the context of a designer show house with 10s of thousands (literally) of people tromping through a space. The space planning for that has to be practical and I wanted to keep the audience in that small space as long as possible. It’s about ideas…not practicality. East coasters loved it since no one uses this type of influence here and it got a ton of press coverage so it was a success. You don’t have to like it…that’s why there are so many designers out there with so many points of view. There is room for all.

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