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I thought I’d share some great ideas from the designer show house…from other designers.  Within the context of an extremely traditional setting, there are some wonderful details.  Enjoy!

Wrought iron arbor w/bronze finish

A tour de force hand forged arbor by blacksmith Charlie Spademan from IronFireArt in Montclair (otherwise known as Spademan Fabrication, LLC).

Lamp hung from block and tackle
Lamps w/block and tackle suspension

An elegant entertaining area from Chris Stout at Back to Nature Landscape Associates.  Both of the oversized candle lamps are suspended under an amazing fern leaf beech with antique block and tackle detailing.  The table, carpet and accessories are a bit busy for my taste but everyone else loves them.  It was too early for the table settings to be out.

Funkadelic arbor

Although I would have taken more care to hide the concrete footings…this funky arbor complete with bowling ball finials and hay fork is delightful.  From Robert K. Watrous Landscape Architecture.

Faux pergola

From fellow APLD member Jane Derickson-Friar of Crescent Garden Design, this faux pergola adds so much detail to a small shaded patio.  It was kismet of sorts since nothing could be attached to the stone…I don’t think it matters here–in fact I think the posts add to the vignette.

Tromp l'oeil

This incredible trellis work effectively blocks the views nasty bits while framing the best–it also ends the space without creating a dead zone.  Designed by Helen Grundman (another APLD member).  The army of topiaries is pretty cool too!

Antique Arbor with original finish

Last…this antique arbor’s finish was left in tact instead of being painted over.  It’s the entrance to a secret garden tucked behind the vegetable garden’s outer fence.  Architectural artifacts are used throughout this garden designed by Susan Olinger, APLD of Sterling Horticultural Services.

All of the designers mentioned have links on the Mansion in May website if you’d care to explore further.

3 thoughts on “Props and Ideas

  1. Love the antique arbor with the original finish. Lovely.

    Sometimes when leaving things as they are it’s so much better than trying to make them into something else entirely. Glad you liked it

  2. Oh, Susan. I have 2 antique blocks and tackle that came with the territory here. I had no idea why I saved them. Chris Stout’s use with lamps is perfect. I took the liberty of saving your photo to my personal file of borrowed ideas.

    Actually, this was my hands down favorite idea. Elegant fusion of industrial and garden.

  3. I love the oversized lamps over the table and the faux pergola. Great ideas.

    The best part, Pam is that many are easy to replicate…

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