Random or Not? Garden Inspiration

As usual inspiration comes out of the blue when I least expect it.  These two images were next to each other in a collection of random outdoor images I save.  At first glance they are two seemingly unrelated ‘garden’ spaces…or are they related after all?  You decide.

First an urban intersection…


Next a contemporary garden…

Contemporary Garden via Vulgare.net

To me the juxapostion speaks visual volumes.

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5 Responses to Random or Not? Garden Inspiration

  1. Chuck says:

    Yes, a cross walk sure is a bridge (usually thru chaos). Great post!
    Interesting point about paths through chaos…the garden is so serene yet the path guides you over water (chaos)–s

  2. commonweeder says:

    I confess I had to be prompted, as I was, to see the relationship – and that is why I love blogging. It helps me shift my perspective and point of view in delightful ways.
    I think it’s always a good thing to have one’s perspective and point of view shifted…–s

  3. I love being open to inspiration. One never knows where it’ll come from.
    A few weeks ago, I posted the photo of a stripy scarf that was the inspiration for a new basket.
    (I find it interesting that the contemporary garden above is so a-typical of the rest of that garden.)
    It’s amazing how it just comes to you from the most surprising places.–s

  4. I imagine the lawn mower feels the same way in both situations. “Just throw me in the pool!”
    Those are some wise words for sure. How do you mow the central lawn in the garden? Surely not with a weed wacker!–s

  5. I wasn’t very moved by the Kiftsgate Garden when I saw it years ago. Especially the verticals.
    And it was badly presented as a completely dislocated space
    I like the traffic crossing garden.
    Central square lawn with ribs of limestone all around headfing inwards but used as stepping stones to walk around, interspersed with inky black water, I think.
    What’s so beautiful about this pair is exactly what you’ve pointed out…the inspiration can go both ways. Brilliant.–s

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