Robins Egg Blue

Robin's Egg
Robin's Egg

Every year, without fail, I find some small part of a robin’s egg.  I always pick it up and admire its unique blue-green hue.  This year, when I found a tiny piece of shell,  it got me thinking about using the color in gardens. When I was working in fashion, we would obsess over the EXACT shade of  blue-green and then we would then obsess some more over what exactly to name the color. Robin’s Egg Blue, Turquoise, Sky Blue, Teal (how 80s!), or Seafoam (how 90s!)–no matter what it’s called–in the garden it can be a happy and unexpected addition.  I have a new landscape design client who will love this color, so here’s some of the images I’ve been looking at for inspiration for her garden.

Blue doof
A Tiffany Box
Designer's Guild Shop in London
Bauer Olive Jar
Olive Jar
Indigo Bunting
Indigo Bunting
Lap Pool
Lap Pool

Photo credits top to bottom: Robin’s Egg/; Door/; Box/Tiffany & Co; Wall/KarinErisson; Violas/; Courtyard/Josh Massey, Olive Jar/Bauer Pottery; Indigo Bunting/AllHart via Flickr; Lap Pool/S. Cohan

14 thoughts on “Robins Egg Blue

  1. Thought about adding a turquoise Vespa. That T-bird is awfully sweet and would look great parked in the driveway adjacent any garden.

  2. I did a post on “teal” (giggle) a few months ago… I love it in my garden and have added it as an accent in my office….it is one of my happiest colors. Love the front porch shot… makes me think I should rethink my front porch makeover. hmmmm.

  3. Every time I explore something for a design I’m working on I realize that many have been there before me or there wouldn’t be so many great images available for me to soak up. Send the URL of your teal post…

  4. For many years there was a blue tree at Scott Arboretum also. It was a showstopper!

  5. Robin’s egg blue is one of my favorite, Peacock blue as well. My favorite color is purple, but I am finding that I am drawn to blue. As I am looking around my studio it seems to have a lot of blue lamps. The color just fits in most places.

  6. I’ve come to like this color. In fact, although I’ve not used it in the garden, I painted my office with this color and a chocolately brown. I’ve used accents of lime and a beachy sand color. I love it and was startled at how relaxing and yet invigorating this color is. I LOVE going into my office.

    I admire how you can receive inspiration from such a varied array of objects and use them so well in your designs. The mark of a gifted designer. That would be you, Susan!

  7. I was drawn to it for the opposite reason–I have none. It’s not for everyone though.

  8. I’d love to see your office! I’m going to experiment in my garden first and see how much of it I like!

  9. This is pure eye candy! I want to surround myself with these gorgeous blues. The next time we have a rainy day, I’ll look here for some good cheer!

    Thank You!

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