Garden Design Details: Rustic Wood Gates

One of the most neglected ideas in garden design is that of entry and exit in a garden.  Too often gardens are islands in a sea of turf, shoved against a building or relegated to the property’s edge.  There is an anticipation of delight and surprise when you unlatch a gate or open a door to enter a garden.  These portals are a signal that something’s going to happen–that you are now entering someplace different.

Here are some ideas for rustic wooden garden gates.  These can give a garden a sense of place and age.  Not everything has to be new–the plants are new each spring! All of the gates have great designs.  Some didn’t start out as rustic, but became that way over time.

Rustic stickwork gate
Reclaimed lumber gate
Gate with worn patina
Farm gate
Gate with field stone pier and cupola
Junk gate
Gate to a garden that's no longer there...


5 thoughts on “Garden Design Details: Rustic Wood Gates

  1. Sometimes when I fantasize about quitting my job, I imagine myself building gates for a living. Love gates.

    I would so love to have a gate built by you! Maybe sooner than later…-s

  2. I love to the first gate – what a great use for a wisteia vine!

    That gate is in an Open Days garden in NY state designed by Patrick Chasse.–s

  3. I enjoyed looking through your portfolio photos, very interesting projects. From one landscape designer to another, please keep scale (no, not the insect) in mind. If there are elements in the landscape which are not to scale, it can cause a feeling of uneasiness. I loved the project whith the orange accents in it , via chair cushions and flowers. Also, the urn plantings are lovely.
    Thank- you.

  4. My favorite gate was one I saw in the fall, with slats shaped and painted like a pumpkin. Whimsy!

  5. I found the wood cut already, free to take in the woods. I chose and carried loads home I have laid out my designs on the ground.
    I have asked friends for help to create joins without screws,nuts, bolts.
    Then I found your site and I have had to think again they are so brill.
    ProblemI need to keep dog and chickens in, unwanted folk and fox out.
    One question why is all the bark taken off, and is there a easy way to do this?

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