Self Contained

I’m not blogging with the Roundtable this month, but I thought I’d share some more of the containers I saw while shopping the market a few weeks ago at Terrain anyway.  I already posted one of a trio of shade pots on the Garden Designers Roundtable Facebook page.  If you want to read the Roundtable posts,  there’s a link just under the photos below…

terrain wagons 300x208 Self Contained

wall planters terrain 238x300 Self Contained

sun container yellow terrain 190x300 Self Contained

terrain windowbox 300x200 Self Contained

terrain smokebush container 241x300 Self Contained

Read the Garden Designers Roundtable posts by following the links from here at 1 pm EST.

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One Response to Self Contained

  1. Annelie says:

    I joined the fb roundtable. Thanks for the tip.
    Always love looking at container ideas.


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