Sexy Rex

This Rex Begonia is a mystery. I know it’s part of the boomanfloral series of begonias, because it had a label to that effect but not the specific variety.  It’s just so sexy.

Rex begonia foliage

I often shop at three annual wholesale growers whose plant labels are more often than not missing.   Each tray of 6-8 plants originally had one label, but unscrupulous shoppers before me have absconded with them.  I know my plants for the most part and will be taking the labels off them when I use them, so I really don’t mind–less plastic to recycle or end up in the landfill.  Are there biodegradable grower’s labels?

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One thought on “Sexy Rex

  1. Sexy Rexy. Wouldn’t that be a great cultivar name? Those leaves are amazing- they look covered in lichens! What are to be their companions?

    Doing a grey and burgundy container…so Japanese painted ferns, the begonias and some Bacopia just to brighten it up.

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