Showhouse Season V, Issue 10, Mud & Mayhem

Here’s some photos from today. Furniture and pots arrived. Irrigation and lighting was installed. Today was complicated by too many people in too small a space and downpours.

The plywood & tarps are protecting one of our walks
It’s the only access the adjacent garden has. Tomorrow we cut them off

The first container planted–there are 8 in total

Sod, the bird sculpture and a bazillion annuals will arrive tomorrow. After I left at lunchtime I went shopping for something to go on the table. More about that later.

2 thoughts on “Showhouse Season V, Issue 10, Mud & Mayhem

  1. Susan, that container is simply LOVELY! A delicate, elegant yet not fussy selection of plants. You are a fabulous designer. I am in awe of what you are doing at that house in addition to your other projects I’ve seen photos of. Kudos, girl.

  2. Thank you so much. Container’s don’t come easily to me so I appreciate the complement!

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