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A great landscape designer always has a long list of contacts and resources that inspire them and help them to get the job done.  In the design business, anyone who doesn’t know what’s out there and where to get it  won’t be able have their vision fully realized.  Limited knowledge of available resources limit possibilities.  Without being able to draw on a wide range of  materials and products a designer’s projects will ultimately become static and repetitive.  I try to push my own boundaries so I spend time seeking out and developing relationships with new and existing resources.  If a client wants a antique wrought iron fence, as I recently wrote about, I have to have the resource knowledge to be able provide that for them and incorporate it into their project.  When I needed the perfect  bird sculpture for this year’s show house garden, I knew exactly where to find it.   My resources are my silent design partners.

Garden of Artifacts at Michaelian & Kohlberg, Summit NJ
Garden of Artifacts at Michaelian & Kohlberg

Last Sunday morning, I was walking down a section of a street in nearby Summit that  isn’t on one of my usual routes.  I saw an overhead sign I hadn’t  paid attention to before with an arrow pointing down an alley. Of course I had to follow the mysterious directions.  I was amazed to discover this valuable resource at the end of that alley.  I went back  the next day to introduce myself, leave my card and find out pricing.  I also took some photos.

For me, a  new local resource is a particularly great find.  One  that has beautifully hand carved Asian stone garden objects is rare here.  I know now that Michaelian & Kohlberg is probably familiar to many landscape and interior designers, but they’re new to me.

Stone Jali in the garden display area
Stone Jali in the garden display area
Stone basins, bowls and troughs
Stone basins, bowls and troughs
Chinese and Indian Buddhas new & antique
Chinese and Indian Buddhas new & antique

Imagine my surprise when I opened the mail on Thursday to find a personal letter and beautiful showbook of products made in India from the very same resource.  Great customer service and interesting products…I’m going to have to find the right client with the right project for these.

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  1. hi susan, thanks for sharing this great resource- fabulous stuff-
    BTW- i got word of you thru Rochelle – love your new website
    good luck this season.

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