Slow Home Living…a garden design

It started with a tweet.  My Twitter buddy @slowhomeliving aka Gloria asked a question about her pool’s renovation.  I answered.  For the next two months we worked together developing a master plan for her lifestyle/flower/blogging business to flourish in.  More important than that…it had to work for her family.

Great bones–the centerpiece is the early 19c farmhouse– helped get this project off to a wonderful start.  Like all old houses…nothing was square, things had been added willy-nilly and it had fantastic character.  My job was to unite all of the disparate pieces into a cohesive whole.

The finished pool and back view of the house

I start most landscape designs exploring specific uses and their relationships to each other.  I explore the possibilities for re-imagining the existing space.  In this case there were outbuildings, a raised patio, a pool and an existing vegetable garden.  In keeping with her slow home living philosophy, Gloria wanted to make sure as many of the existing plants and materials were re-purposed as possible.

Re-designed potager

An avid gardener, fantastic chef and professional flower arranger all three needed to be incorporated into the garden spaces.  A 19c feeling needed to work for a very 21c family.

New patio space for entertaining and family dining

Gloria made a trip to the Brimfield Antiques Market and returned with gates, pots and other pieces which were incorporated into the design.

Recycled and repurposed garden ornaments

An entry courtyard was redesigned to create a welcoming stopping point with stronger link between the driveway, house, shed and pool areas.  The existing arbor was left in place and new garden beds were added.

The entry courtyard

There is still much more to be completed…a custom gate for an old stone pilar, woodland plantings, a new front garden and a rose garden are among them.  The beautiful old farmhouse is getting the garden it deserves and Gloria and her family are using their space, swimming in a renovated pool and eating fresh from the garden every night.  They’re slow home living.

Beach towels in the sunroom
Birdfeeder on an out building





2 thoughts on “Slow Home Living…a garden design

  1. The design is pretty awesome…. I personally like the pool and the back view of the house, along with that I also like the work done by you for the patio space and for the entrance of the courtyard….. Great work…..

    Thank you very much, but I can’t take credit for the great bones we started with!–s

  2. I like the the scale of the patio pattern. Please say how you arrived this scale.
    What pattern was the deciding factor? The house siding??

    There was no mathematical equation…just two designer’s eyes. What ‘felt right’ was a lot of this project…more than most I do.–s

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