Slowing Time

Graph-Paper_a3.inddA blank piece of paper is staring back at me.  A new project awaits my creative design impulse and I’m stalling.  It’s November and I’ve been going at it full tilt for months on end… I need and want things to slow down a bit now.  With the waning light comes a less frenetic pace and I like to take more time to think ideas through.  I feel guilty for slowing down when I should not.  It is part of the cyclical nature of what I do—just like the change of seasons.

2 thoughts on “Slowing Time

  1. Me too … but I have a show this week. Then, I look forward to catching up with the details I passed over while scampering to assemble and organized he others. (feels a bit like trying to catch the leaves outside as they fall …)

  2. A worthy goal, slowing time. It may seem counter to the mindset that says ‘I must stay on top of my game!’, but in truth one is never able to stay on top — that is part of a natural cycle that includes being on the bottom. I came across something recently — when you know how to BE, you will more likely know what to DO. Here’s to simply sitting with that blank drawing paper, or taking a walk in the crunching leaves and coming back to it with JUST the idea you need!

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