Spring Brights in the Garden

Early spring is coming early here this year.  Gardens are bursting with unseasonably warm weather.  Here are two stars of the early spring garden (blooming this week) that are much more interesting and super substitutes for the ubiquitous forsythia.

Cornus mas is a small flowering tree, hardy to Z5 with beautiful exfoliating bark and foliage that makes it a great choice for small gardens.  Here it’s paired with Jasminum nudiflorum (Winter Jasmine), a semi-evergreen low growing shrub that is hardy to Z6.  I love to use it draping over walls.


2 thoughts on “Spring Brights in the Garden

  1. Cornus mas is a plant I haven’t seen or heard of in years…I can remember when I first started my business in 1981, this was quite a popular plant to grow…Thanks for a new idea in my future plans

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