Spring SteelChairs

I usually post on Wednesdays, but we had technical problems yesterday…so here it is on Thursday!

I’m so ready for spring to be sprung!  It’s been unusually cold for the past two weeks.  Since spring hasn’t really made an appearance yet, I thought I’d get the ball rolling with some garden chairs.  As soon as it warms up–even a little bit–I sit outside with my morning coffee and plan my day.  Some days it’s the only time I get to spend in my garden.

I’ve always wanted some classic pinwheel chairs.  I like the way they look although I suspect they might not be as comfortable as I would like them to be.

New Jersey based Chris Smith of Craft Fabricators (who I first saw at the AD Home Design show) took the classic spring chair and made it fun and contemporary.  It comes in just about any color you can imagine and would look fantastic on a patio or in a garden!  It was comfortable by the way…I sat in it for a bit on the show floor.


Fresh take on a spring chair!

P.S. I know the photo is slightly out of focus…I took it with my phone instead of my camera…lesson learned!

5 thoughts on “Spring SteelChairs

  1. It’s cute. But not as cute as the original, a design I have always loved. I do hate the way classic, great looking garden furniture is often not comfortable though. (and how great shoes aren’t comfortable as well!)

    This chair almost looks like it would start rolling if you leaned back. I can imagine a bunch of these in different bright colours would look great in the garden.

    It has stops under the big rockers that you can’t see. It actually didn’t rock back far enough for me.–s

  2. The new one does look great but how comfortable is it exactly?

    It looks like it would roll away with you in it. Does it have anything on the bottom to stop it rolling?

    Great find 🙂

  3. I can attest to the comfortableness of the original chairs, having grown up with a set since the 50’s and still owning 4 of them. No matter who has sat in them, they always seem to be loved by everyone. They are super comfy.

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