I haven’t been here very much in the past few weeks…this April has been unusual in more ways than just the weather.   It’s been busy…way beyond what is usual.  March was warm so  my super active design season started early…so actually April is more like May–which is always my busiest month.

Here’s what’s been doing…

We moved a big tree.  This sugar maple was 18,000 lbs. and moved about 40′ to its new home.

The tree, just dug, on the move

I’ve been working on a designer show house space…that will open on May 1 with previews next week.  Here’s a link to the Pinterest board, but this week I’ve been running around getting all sorts of details taken care of for that (like ordering the beautiful piece below for the feature wall)…it’s not done yet by the way!


Made in Haiti from a 55 gallon oil drum

I’ve been working on designs for several clients…


A Family Party Space…


And last but not least there’s Leaf.  The spring issue published on April 2nd and we’re already hard at work on the summer issue.


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