Sunny | Solstice | Yellow

The solstice is on Sunday so  I’m celebrating with inspiration for sun colored gardens. Last year I honored it with images of the sun.

Palette created on

I find yellow to be the most difficult color to use outside of plants–there are some really great yellow blooming and yellow foliage plants btw.  Yellow never fades into the background unless it’s with other yellows or in a cacophony of brights–and that’s the challenge.

Hakonechloa macra ‘All Gold’
Gold Finch
Field of mustard
Echinacea x ‘Big Sky Sunrise’
Cercis canadensis ‘Hearts of Gold’
Adirondack Chair
Coreopsis ‘Moonbeam’
All Stars

Enjoy the sun, it will be December before you know it!  If it rains, just grab your yellow slicker and be your own sun…

Sources and credits top to bottom:  Parasol, Bouquet (unknown found on, HakonechloaGold Finch, Mustard Field, Echinacea, Yellow Door, Cercis (unknown), Adirondack chair, Coreopsis, All Stars

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6 thoughts on “Sunny | Solstice | Yellow

  1. Wonderful selection of yellows, esp the parasol, and keds – oh, they are all terrific. Evening Primroses have had a banner year in MMX…and I’ve been promoting a gentle yellow to a client for her house color!! Thanks, Susan, for the cheery post!

    oh Jane, your mention of the primroses the other day was partially the inspiration for this, so double thanks!

  2. OMG that Cercis ‘Hearts of Gold!’ MUST FIND! Beautiful post, Susan, I love your color sense.

    ‘Hearts of Gold’ is relatively new. Started seeing in 4-5 years ago as little tiny trees in one of the nurseries here. It’s not common at retail–in fact I’ve only seen it wholesale…maybe mail order.

  3. Coming round to yellow at last in my life.
    Not sure whether that is a growth in me colourwise or just says something about life!

    Your posts always stimulate thought, which after all is the purpose of posting!

    Best Wishes


    Thank you for the wonderful complement Robert! If I’m going to spend time thinking and writing about something, I hope it sparks some thought elsewhere. I’m delighted to hear that it does!

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