Garden Design Magazine

Wake Up! American Garden Design Enthusiasts

Many of you know that Garden Design magazine has sadly folded.  That in itself isn’t surprising given the economic climate for print publications.  Print magazines have huge overhead, cumbersome lead times and ever increasing competition from the marketplace.  What I found shocking was how small its circulation was- 189,741.

Garden Design MagazineSome will moan about its elitist slant.  What is it about our exterior design community that it can’t find inspiration in, celebrate and aspire to the very top levels of design?  I doubt if all of Architectural Digest’s 800k regular readers can afford or even want what is in that publication yet they obviously see enough value in it to buy a copy.

If we, as a design discipline and community, want to be taken seriously, then we need to support publications at all levels of the marketplace, not just those that cater to the weekend warriors who relegate us to the DIY sector.  Landscape design and landscape architecture are serious, complex disciplines that can inspire within and without.  We need American publications that reflect our diverse economy, interests and regions and we need to embrace those that show us the best of design outside at every level.



Under a Rock…a semi shameless plug

I’ve been under a rock.  A leafy rock.  As you know I’m part of a small dedicated team –including Rochelle Greayer and Lynn Fellici-Gallant and a talented group of outside contributors and designers, who will be publishing an on-line design magazine called Leaf  in October.  The project has been gobbling up huge amounts of time.

Leaf  will focus on all things relating to outdoor design…not just gardens although there will be plenty of those.  Our first emailed flyer is below…

Our first mailer...

The response has been so positive that the pressure to deliver what we envision is even greater than what I imagined it would be.  I must be slightly (probably more than slightly) crazy to do this on top of an already flourishing design business.  I’ve always loved a challenge!  I hope you’ll join us as we explore design outside.