Yes, it’s a new word that accurately describes my computer issues for the last week.  Like a bug on a windshield SPLAT! went my operating system–doesn’t really matter which brand it is.  What matters it what it taught me about myself and how I work.


As much of a distraction as I allow my lovely laptop to be sometimes, it’s also a multiuse tool that has become a dominant player in my creative output.   It is a repository for ideas, drawings, photographs, information, communication of all sorts–working in tandem with my busy brain and the sketchbooks I carry with me.    So much information, finished and in progress is stored in this small space that it has become a mobile electronic studio of sorts.  Like so many other creatives I know,  I tend to be freewheeling in my approach to my process which leaves me open to all types of possibilities which is the point to begin with.  The problem was I was also freewheeling in my approach to protecting that information which also allowed the technosplat possibility.

I’ve lost all types of work  before through carelessness, technological breakdowns and in a flood. I had an inkling of what might happen a few weeks ago and bought a portable hard drive and had started copying files on to it.  Yeah I know that should be a best practice…I’ve already admitted to being freewheeling in my approach.  Between the saved files and the information on my Blackberry, I have almost everything back–after hours and  hours of work.  Will I remember to back up everything all the time from now on?  Probably not, but I will more often than I had before because my work is important to me and this time the splat was a real warning.

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4 thoughts on “Technosplat!

  1. Hope it all comes back together, Susan.

    I could never remember to backup, either, even tho I have this portable HD right in front of me. So I invested $50/yr in Carbonite – online automatic backup of whole machine, incl. every new file created, all day. More peace of mind now – well worth the cost.

    I somehow trust on-line backups less than my own ability to hit the save button. This event has made me consider it again though.

  2. I find it fascinating [a] how much I rely so much on my little electronic boxes for EVERYthing, [b] how little I back up said EVERYthing, and (c) how much I resist offline (“cloud”) data storage because I think it’s somehow insecure or prone to failure. A walking contradiction, I am. Much like flossing: “You don’t have to back up ALL your data; only the ones you want to keep.”

    What’s interesting to me is that my laptop has become as ubiquitous a studio tool as my mechanical pencil–most days it’s used more!

  3. This has happened to me through a bug and a hardware failure. I now have an external drive that backs up automatically at night. Very convenient, unless I pull an all-nighter.

    I haven’t had the chance to test it, thankfully.

  4. Mz Rumphius, you will be surprised and I hope not disappointed to hear you are more popular than you realized. I went ahead, in spite of seeing that you have already done a MeMe thing and referred to you as a blog I spend time at and enjoy – this was done in a MeMe thing of my own. The rules state one needs to send out notification of such a lustrous award, thus my comment here. I have always enjoyed your takes.

    Holy moley, Steve….thanks! This meme thing has got me somewhat flustered since you are right–I am surprised and pleased that so many stop by and read my take on things. I am adding your nomination to my ‘MeMe Redux‘ post…so look for it there!

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