Textural Enhancement

It snowed last night.  The predicted 1″ is more like 4.  I was out early enough-before the melt and legions of snow blowers-to notice that many of the background textures of the gardens in my neighborhood were much more visible with their snow cover.

Structural players take center stage

Structure and texture are  not something I usually think about when it snows, so I was surprised by my own observation.  Background masses are suddenly front and center in the landscape.

Rhododendron sp.
Taxus sp.
Philadelphius sp.

I am wondering how to take advantage of this-even as I realize it’s serendipity-when considering winter gardens in my landscape design work.

One thought on “Textural Enhancement

  1. Hi Susan,

    Good observation – and one I miss this winter with very little snowfall.

    After two successive record winters (10+ FEET of snowfall) I’ve become very conscious of designing for winter snows. Hard for some clients to understand, but I just send them to winter photos at my site.

    When heavy winter often is the longest season of the year, it’s quite necessary to design, install and maintain with this in mind.

    Sometimes I wish I were in a more moderate climate – but then I *really* would get out of shape in the winter! 😉

    Thanks for your post – good food for thought.

    Dan Eskelson

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