The ‘L’ Word


This post could also be called ‘What’s In a Name?” The new Twitter list tool has me thinking. I am thrilled to be included on so many people’s lists, but I’m wondering about the category most have put me in. I have always been a designer.  First I was a jewelry designer, then a fashion designer and lastly (and it is the last) a landscape designer. A designer first, the discipline second.

Back to Twitter lists.  On most people’s lists I am included in a list that has some sort of ‘gardening/gardener’ reference.  I wonder if they would include me there if the word ‘landscape’ wasn’t part of the title?  Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do, but if my own history is considered, it is the ‘D’ word, not the ‘L’ word that is the defining factor.

4 thoughts on “The ‘L’ Word

  1. Susan, I almost created a list category just for you (and a couple other folks) that I was going to call “Artists.” Not quite the list name of designer, but close. I was also going to create one called “Writers” — until I remembered I may hurt someone’s feelings for excluding them. So, I put EVERYONE in the gardener’s list and nobody feels excluded. Now, since it’s so broad, it really doesn’t serve a purpose and pretty much IS my Twitter feed. Anyway. To me you are a designer/artist and that’s what I enjoy so much about your posts.

  2. Good point. I look at it this way though, everyone is probably something else anyway. As for my own Twitter moniker, the design part actually comes from website design more than it comes from landscape design.
    But I’d rather talk about plants than code so everyone assumes it is only landscape design. (I do landscape design work, but on a much smaller scale than most as a garden coach) So when I created my list, I grouped people by what we chat about most often. Plants was the unifying subject so y’all got put in the plant section.

  3. There is so much crossover among my listed that I’m wondering how to make the best use of this option to categorize tweets. Generalize, standardize, minimize . . . A new tool takes some time to settle into usefulness. It’s good to hear from you how you see yourself.

  4. Interesting, Miss R,
    I guess I didn’t know your history.
    As one who also shifted direction: first, making a living as a functional potter, then struggling to make a living as a sculptor with a teaching gig to pay the bills, I’m not at all surprised to learn that art has guided you. Or that your artistry has manifested in other media/forms.
    Per my twitter DM, I’ve created two private lists of ‘essential tweeples’ and ‘essentialgardens’ – I guess they cannot be seen by anyone but me, but you are on both! I certainly don’t think of you in ‘landscape’ terms alone.
    I made the lists private to avoid offending anyone. They’re incredibly handy – I can pop onto twitter & click on those two lists as a way of sifting through the stream to see the tweets I don’t want to miss. Always want to see what you have to say!

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