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The New Garden Design

The new Garden Design magazine promises to be full of inspiration and ideas for all of us.  I lamented when the previous one stopped publishing so I’m happy about this. Their primary focus is now American gardens and designers–not just the ones on both coasts either.  How do I know this for sure?  I’m a Contributing Editor.  That doesn’t mean I’m giving up my landscape design practice, it just means I have another outlet to express my love of  great design.

Garden Design

It is going to be a beautiful book like publication without any advertising and printed on beautiful paper.  It will be sold in garden shops and individual issue or annual subscriptions are available.

No, I’m not going to leak any stories!  You’ll have to wait until May and read it.  Until then, my latest piece is up on their website.

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8 thoughts on “The New Garden Design

  1. Excellent, Susan. I am so looking forward to reading it. I signed up for a subscription as soon as I got the email. I’m happy to see there will be no ads. I felt the ads were getting in the way in the old magazine. I also hope there will be articles that more people can relate to, not just gardens that require wads of money to install!

  2. Their focus is on American gardens of all varieties. They aren’t beholden to advertisers so we’ll see the content when it launches. I’ve only seen what I’ve been responsible for so far!

  3. Hi Susan
    I think we are twins separated at birth. From love of gardens, design, writing, antiques garden ornaments to owning a boutique garden design firm, I don’t understand how we haven’t crossed paths earlier. I am going to sign up for a membership to the group and would love to invite you to lunch or dinner in Montclair to see our outdoor decor showroom, meet my partner, and make contact in person. Your schedule must be crazy with spring upon us, but let me know if you can manage some time in the next few weeks or months.
    I too am excited if Garden Design is returning. My business started when I won their Grand Prize Golden Trowel award in 1995. I always wanted to re-enter the competition, this time as a professional, and be the first two time winner!! They truly launched my business and I am forever grateful.
    Hope we can connect face to face!!

  4. Lisa-

    I would love to have lunch. I have to come over to Montclair to dig up a tax map for a client sometime next week. Do you have time then? Twins at birth! Love it.

  5. I’m so happy to hear that the magazine is being revived and that you are going to be part of it! I will subscribe today! However, I love European gardens and hope that these and the gardens of other areas in the world will not be totally neglected.

  6. Good to see it coming back. I will subscribe.
    A suggestion for an article. Do you know the work of Mein Ruys? I have only recently discovered her work and I find it very compelling. There isn’t much information around on her designs, only some pictures. I really would like to learn more. Incidentally, speaking of pictures, the pictures in garden magazines seemed designed to show off the photographer’s skills, not impart useful information. I hope Garden Design will used drawings to show layouts and not just eye-candy pictures of exotic blooms.
    Thanks for the hard work that goes into making you blog such interesting reading

    Ed Morrow
    Carmel Valley, CA

  7. Ed–I know for a fact that one of the articles I’ve written for them has illustrations and a ‘how to’ so there is that. As for Mien Ruys, there’s probably a book in Dutch somewhere. Her work is incredibly important. Hope you enjoy the new Garden Design.

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