The New Miss R.

Welcome to Miss R’s new home.  A big shout out to Ian Loew and his staff at LForm for collaborating with me to make all of my on-line presence visually in sync with each other.  It can’t be easy working with another designer…

Let me know what you think of my new digs…leave a comment.

10 thoughts on “The New Miss R.

  1. I am digging the new digs- especially the color palette! Although as I’m typing this I noticed the comment type is a little too small (where it says name, mail, website, etc).

  2. looks great! bright fresh clean….ditto the font too small though on the comments section…its making me feel older than my years….

  3. Love the continuity Susan. Slide show looks great. So much cleaner then blogspot. Its hard to read the script above… maybe a different color or darker tone?

  4. Like the look.
    But it’s goils like you, who are so fabulously color coordinated that make me feel all awkwardly weird in my purple polka dotted high tops, orange jeans and chartreuse paint stained tee-shirt. … not to mention that I have two different color socks on today .

  5. Wow, thanks for the comments and the support–I hope not to disappoint.

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