The Newish Year

It’s a newish year and of course I’ve already deviated from my not so best laid plans.  On Sunday though, something I’ve been working towards for several years will happen.  I will be travelling to Las Vegas with a group of interior designers as part of Modenus‘ Blog Tour Las Vegas to visit KBIS. I have a portfolio up on the Modenus site.


A kitchen and bath show?  Why would a landscape designer want to go there? As the lines blur further between inside and outside, it’s important for me as a designer to know what’s out there–what the trends are and what new materials are available–not just for outside.  My clients expect the same level of performance and design outside as they do in.  I design outdoor living spaces that include kitchens and sometimes showers. It makes sense to go. Additionally, the lines have blurred to such an extent that I will be speaking on a Voices of the Industry panel about Outdoor Kitchens. You can follow along with the hashtag #KBISOutdoorLiving.  I’ll also be using two other hashtags #designhounds and #BlogTourKBIS if you want to discover the same things that I do.

This is a big experiment for me and I hope to connect with designers from a ‘sister’ discipline. The tour sponsors other than KBIS  run the gamut from counters to hardware to sinks to flooring and all other design details and are Thermador, Blanco, Top Knobs, TOTO, WoodMode, Wilsonart, Karastan and Mr. Steam.

2 thoughts on “The Newish Year

  1. Very cool! I look forward to hearing what you learn! I too have been noticing how “outdoor rooms” had leads to the blurring of the lines between in and out, especially as more and more townhomes with tiny outdoor spaces pop up all over our area. I never thought about going to an indoor show. What a good idea!!! Enjoy!

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