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December is a strange month – a holiday cocktail blended from the current year, the past year, and the next.  It’s hard to ignore, so I won’t.  This year I have revealed my Dirty Little Garden Secret, finished a large and glorious landscape design project that will be photographed next year (you have to be patient), and continued to work with a fabulous group of people to grow Leaf magazine into a publication that has been embraced by design enthusiasts everywhere.  Since I already wrote about the first, and will write about the second next year, that leaves Leaf.

Of anything I’ve worked on in the past several years, and most of my projects are somewhat collaborative, Leaf has been the most satisfying and simultaneously the most challenging.  Rochelle and I started out to make the magazine that we wanted to read never really thinking that hundreds of thousands of others (92K this month so far…) would also!  The warm embrace of the design community has been driving us forward to make each issue all that it can be, and more than the each of the previous ones, but there is so much potential for more.

Leaf Magazine
Leaf makes a great holiday gift!

We started Leaf on a shoestring, with a super small, super enthusiastic staff (shout out to Lynn, Marti and John) with a virtual office and have grown to the extent that we realize we can’t do it all by ourselves—we need more help! (Remember the super mom syndrome? That’s me.)  There is so much more we can do to grow Leaf into the must use platform for all things related to ‘Design Outside’ but we have to grow and stretch and grow to do that.

So we are actively looking for possible financial partners/publishers/audience builders/tech gurus who want to ride along with us on this remarkable journey.  Know someone with expertise?  We’d love to hear from them.  Just email me at scohan at leafmag dot com.  I promise I’ll answer!

Oh, and if you’re looking for a great holiday gift…subscriptions to Leaf are still free!

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