Thoughts about Seattle…gardens etc.

I was in Seattle for a week.  I’d never been there before and really had no idea what to expect.  Four days of my visit was spent with other garden bloggers at the fourth annual Garden Bloggers Fling.

We visited gardens and ate and drank and gossiped and shopped.  It was great fun.  It takes me a long time to process what I see, so for now I’ll just share some pictures that embody this northeastern native’s skewed view of the northwest.

First the bloggers…

Cameras out at every garden!

Poppies and Crocossmia everywhere. An odd observation is that I’ve never seen so many yellow folliage plants used so often…must have to do with the lack of sun and needing bright color in the landscape.

Field of poppies in Barbara Lycett's garden
Crocossmia and Heleniums

Public space with people actively interacting with it…not just passively sitting there or walking through it.  What a concept.  It’s also ironic that in a city that gets 280 days of rain, that there are so many public water features…

Water feature (one of several) in University Village

Moss.  Moss. Moss.

Bloedel Reserve

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8 thoughts on “Thoughts about Seattle…gardens etc.

  1. Susan, I am also still processing the trip…and miss the heck out of the moss and cool weather. The poppies in the B Lycette are fantastic. Did you visit that one on your own? gail

  2. Your comment about yellow foliage plants…I’ve noticed that too in my many visits to the North West. I’ve thought it has to do with the predominance of the idea that plant collections = garden design that I see almost everywhere in home gardens in Oregon and Washington. Always looking for the new and different, one of this and that, the more plants the better! It’s an exuberant interest in collecting that is charming but not always successful design. Their climate allows such a wide range of plants from so many places (ie. New Zealand, South Africa, South America) that I think I would also have a hard time editing.

  3. Yes, so much to take in. And, before and after Seattle, for me there were a dozen more gardens in Vancouver and Victoria. I’m mulling it all over to try to gain some meaningful perspective. By the way, I like the new look of your blog.

  4. It is interesting that you mention the yellow foliage! I thought the EXACT same thing about it! Making up for no sunlight.

    Was such a treat to get to see you and discuss, well, everything!

  5. I think the reason we use so much yellow foliage is we have so much green, Washington is called the evergreen state for a reason. Anyway that’s my theory and I’m sticking to it!

  6. I was thrilled at all the chartreuse foliage in the Seattle gardens because I’m a huge chartreuse fan. Whatever the reason, it looked fabulous, especially as the plants were all so huge & healthy everywhere you looked, even in sidewalk plantings.

    It’s inspired me to include more, more, more in my design work!–s

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