13 thoughts on “To Buffa10 with Love–Part 1

  1. It’s most definitely worth the trip. While I can’t come back for the 2010 Garden Walk, I really hope to do it next year. Great perspective, Susan. How did I miss those fraternal twin doors!

    They were at the end of the block. I snuck back early in the a.m. and walked the opposite way–sometimes that reveals what I didn’t see the first time!–s.

  2. Great pictures that capture the eclectic look of the neighborhoods. Enjoyed hanging out with you there!

    This was a very cool little neigborhood of tiny houses–the type that are often torn down instead of tended so lovingly. It was special. Enjoyed getting to know you–love making new friends in far off places!-s.

  3. I never thought I’d consider myself a lucky ducky to have spent the weekend in Buffalo – your great pix prove it’s true!

    Truer words were never spoken about Buffalo! No shuffling there, just a city on the cusp of a full fledged revival!-s.

  4. Oooh. I love the purple and yellow combination. Wish I could have gone. Wish even more that my neighborhood in 78704 could have cherished its cottages more and gone the way of Buffalo. Instead, they are being torn down one by one and being replaced with monster spec houses.

    Doesn’t it just burn you up that so many people can’t seem appreciate the charm of a neighborhood like this? Instead they put up some extruded monster for the next generation to pull down. If they want a big house, move to a big house neighborhood! It has to stop!–s

  5. Great color examples there! Looking forward to reading your next installation. BTW would love to hear your thoughts (examples) on structure for these very small spaces.

    Fantastic color! I’m going to write a small cottage garden post when I get a chance to catch my breath! I’ll give you the heads up!–s

  6. I was just waiting for your first Buffalo post. You didn’t let me down. Buffalo is blessed with a great arts scene and architecture like few cities in the U.S. Combine those two with gardening and this is what you get!

    It was a pleasure to finally meet you in person. I assume it’s not the last.

    Thank you Jim–the feeling is mutual btw! It means a lot coming from the chief cook and bottle washer of all things gardening in Buffalo. Loved your garden but don’t have a single good photo of it–the light was too bright so I have to come back. Would love to have you teach me some espalier tricks–yours are fantastic.–s

  7. Somehow I missed those fraternal twin doors too. The cottage gardens were charming, as were the gardeners who tended them.

    I get caught up in the architecture a lot of the time vs. the gardens. I missed some of the gardens because I was so enthralled with the buildings!–s

  8. Susan,
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and great photo images with us who were unable to make the trip out east.

    Love the color schemes on the homes.
    The gardens seemed cheerful.

    This was only one of many neighborhoods of incredible residential architecture. The city is a gem. Rumor has it that the next meet up will be in Seattle…perhaps a road trip is in order.–s

  9. I can testify that Susan was VERY focused on the architecture. It was great to have someone to discuss architecture with.

    So much so that I’ve actually looked at real estate listings. Had a great time talking with you.–s

  10. I met the lady who owned the purple and yellow cottage. She was so sweet and had lived there for 51 years! Lovely city and lovely trip. So glad we had a chance to talk too.

    Jean–What a wonderful story! I was in a daze of color, mist and magic! Also glad we had a chance to meet and talk. Would love to again sometime sooner than later!–s

  11. Hey Susan, Great pics! I really like seeing the wild paint and jubulant gardens. Thanks. Please post more… Patrick

    Will do Patrick! Part 2 will be tomorrow. Probably not what people expect though! Thanks for stopping by Miss R!–s

  12. The photos you did take are great. You know how to edit out clutter.

    I’m picky about photos and everything goes through PhotoShop before it goes into a post. That’s where the editing happens–I’m definately a point and shoot kind of gal.–s

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