Trash or Treasure?

19th Century iron fence remnant for a project

I met a welder at a project today to show him how I wanted the reclaimed 19th century ironwork I specified installed. I bought the pieces last fall in Scranton at Olde Good Thing’s incredible salvage yard specifically for this project.

They were leaning against a tree outside of the garage and the crew thought they were garbage and hauled them away. I freaked out when I couldn’t find them! There’s 2 more pieces beyond these and I will post some photos when the installation is done. I called the contractor and he found them–one piece is now bent and a small piece broke off but can be repaired.

The old cliche is true…one person’s junk is another person’s treasure.

One thought on “Trash or Treasure?

  1. Bummer. I’d have freaked out too. Can’t one see these are irreplaceable historic architectural remnants? Actually, in our neighborhood, this is heavy-trash pick up week and there’s irreplaceable historic architectural remnants in front of every house on the street.

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