Trend Watch: Belgian Beige for Garden Rooms

For the past few years, a major interior design trend has been slowly trickling down from the high end to the mass market.  ‘Belgian Beige’ is perfect for translation in garden rooms.  Upscale mass merchants like Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn have already seized on this new neutrality in a major way.

The look via Restoration Hardware

The trend is more the sum of its parts than a singular look.  It is neutral, hence the ‘beige’, and the styling has antique, industrial and rustic elements carefully juxtaposed.

Garden ornaments via Detroit Garden Works

For materials think burlap and natural wicker, zinc and weathered woods.  Think texture and patina.  Think smooth and rough.

Rusty and fresh

For specific pieces think quirky and classic simultaneously.

Antique glass cloches

Scale plays an import role–everything is oversized and dramatic which is perfect for outside spaces.

Lanterns hung via block and tackle from tree
Leafy orbs in zinc via Restoration Hardware

The trend is architectural–think salvaged building fragments and references to grand buildings.


An easy interpretation via House Beautiful

To see more of the images I collected for this idea, check out my Belgian Beige Garden  board on Pinterest.

8 thoughts on “Trend Watch: Belgian Beige for Garden Rooms

  1. you are so right on…I have been waiting for this to trickle down for a very long time….first saw it abt 10 years ago at Maison and Objet….finally!!

    I know…it takes a long time to get outside those doors!–s

  2. All great themes, but the top photo w/ *THOSE* potted dwarf trees and the scene is incredible. My mind is grinding away “in the background” on how to adapt such things to our different architecture and plant forms here. Thanks for sharing.

    No SW expert, but would think industrial, vintage, woven and patina w/grand scale would work. White washed and sunbleached color…just thinking too!–s

  3. The look is beautiful but not my style. I’ve definitely seen this trend trickle down as you mention. I prefer more modern pieces juxtaposed with antique or traditional. My favorite is to fuse traditional and modern into one piece like the Louis Ghost Chair. Wouldn’t they look fabulous skirted around a large, rustic dining table?

    I also love the look of traditional furniture pieces painted white or turquoise, to give them an updated look, and replace the hardware with modern pulls.

    I’m so with you on adding quirky pieces to any room, but keeping to a minimum is key to not overdo it.

    I have to say I love the pulleys used as hooks for the lanterns. Very clever!

    Just because it’s a trend doesn’t mean you have buy in lock stock and barrel…everything gets filtered through our own perspective and style for sure…this trend was certainly filtered through mine! LOL–s

  4. I like that the neutrality of the garden pieces, thereby allowing for color-play w/ fabrics & the landscape palette. While I prefer a modern aesthetic, I really do like the salvaged & weathered pieces. The take-away for me is the duality of this style…smooth vs. textured; neutral vs. color; oversized vs. minute details.

    Just my .02

    Your .02 is worth more than that. Thanks for taking the time to offer it. The duality is interesting isn’t it?–s

  5. I love the pastels and those gorgeous matching – well, what’s? Eucalyptus? – by the door on that “near folly-like” entrance. But my faves are those bell-shaped lovely glass pieces. Man, those are nice and all bauble-like, lol. And I am a sucker for baubles.

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