Trendspotting: Honeycomb

Bees are in the news, so it’s totally understandable that bees and bee things should emerge as a garden trend. Recently I saw a wonderful hose pot in a garden I was visiting and have tried to no avail to find it.

wisteria+bee Trendspotting:  Honeycomb

Image via  Miss Trixies Favorite Things

So that leads to honeycomb.  Artist Laura Kramer’s crystal encrusted wasp combs were on display when I was last at ABC Carpet and Home. Once I saw them, I started seeing honeycomb patterns everywhere.  I don’t think it’s just the power of suggestion…

HC 1249041 C de Trendspotting:  Honeycomb

Image via ABC Carpet and Home

Honeycomb patterns have been happening in fashion and interior design for a while so why not gardens?

Gucci hive dress Trendspotting:  Honeycomb

pod 1 Trendspotting:  Honeycomb

Top image via Gucci , bottom image  via CamPierce

It’s a small idea that can add nature’s geometry to traditional or contemporary garden styles. The pattern can apply to tiles, trellises, fabric and rugs, and even furniture.  A few ideas…

 Trendspotting:  Honeycomb

Honeycomb wire chair above via Terrain.  Honeycomb modular wall trellis via Flora below. (These are available at  Jungle, BTW)

COMBINATION %C3%BCbersicht 1 Trendspotting:  Honeycomb

Old is new, and honeycomb hexagonal terracotta tiles are right on trend.  The yellow outdoor fabric sports a variation on the theme.  And the turf tiles in the very bottom image of a small Paris garden via (translated)  The Yellow House on the Beach are an original take on honeycomb.

terra cotta honeycomb tiles Trendspotting:  Honeycomb

honeycombyellow 500x500 Trendspotting:  Honeycomb

rue vignon outdoor patio Trendspotting:  Honeycomb

If you want more ideas, I’ve assembled a Pinterest board just for honeycomb inspiration.

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4 Responses to Trendspotting: Honeycomb

  1. commonweeder says:

    As a former beekeeper I love all things bee, honey and comb. Is there something about natural biological shapes that makes them particularly appealing?

  2. Susan aka Miss. R says:

    Pat– I think there’s something compelling design wise in just about everything in natural world. The natural geometry of honeycomb and its ‘modular’ capabilities make it very easy to interpret in a wide range of situations…including garden design.

  3. Rebekah says:

    I have a friend that just shot a honeycomb wedding, and I loved it! Such a creative way to bring nature into a celebration.

  4. Cool stuff! I like the honeycombed grass at the bottom. Neat effect!

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