Tuesday’s Find…a birdcage

I’m not sure I’d actually confine a bird in this cement birdcage, but I’d love to have it in my garden…wouldn’t you?  From Fleur in Mt. Kisco, NY.

Whimsical birdcage

Faux brick and bois topped with a Chinese hat

Wonderful patina and detail

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4 Responses to Tuesday’s Find…a birdcage

  1. Barbara Bach says:


  2. What great yard art that bird house would make in any size garden Love it : ) Annie

  3. No bird please, but great kitsch art, I agree!

    I might reconsider the paint colors.–s

  4. laguna dirt says:

    what a piece!! i would totally put that in my garden. birds on the outside only! love the color!

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