Tuesday’s Find…a birdcage

I’m not sure I’d actually confine a bird in this cement birdcage, but I’d love to have it in my garden…wouldn’t you?  From Fleur in Mt. Kisco, NY.

xCB2D3563 Tuesdays Find...a birdcage

Whimsical birdcage

CB2D3569 Tuesdays Find...a birdcage

Faux brick and bois topped with a Chinese hat

CB2D3571 Tuesdays Find...a birdcage

Wonderful patina and detail

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4 Responses to Tuesday’s Find…a birdcage

  1. Barbara Bach says:


  2. What great yard art that bird house would make in any size garden Love it : ) Annie

  3. No bird please, but great kitsch art, I agree!

    I might reconsider the paint colors.–s

  4. laguna dirt says:

    what a piece!! i would totally put that in my garden. birds on the outside only! love the color!

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