Tuesday’s Find…a cast iron cow

Sometimes I wonder why I take a picture when I’m visiting a garden.  That doesn’t mean I shoot an image that I don’t like, it’s that I’m not always quite sure why I like it at that moment.  This was the case with the image below…

It's all about the cow...

Fast forward three weeks to the present Tuesday and look what I found!  I think I’d like a small herd.

A cast iron cow...

A bit larger, this one is in London at Christopher Edwards and is from the 1930s.

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5 Responses to Tuesday’s Find…a cast iron cow

  1. There’s probably a phobia name for this. “Nervous of being followed by cast iron cows.”

    I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a cast iron cow outdoors, but there are several pigs and two owls in my neighborhood, and one really awkwardly done thing which is either a baby lamb or a Lhasa Apso.

  2. Bet those teets are the portal for some really cold milk!

  3. Yes I am not smitten with either but I do like heavy metal, both inside and out.
    recenTly went to Bryan’s Ground and those guys are crazy about it.
    Bed springs as space dividers!

  4. Adnan says:

    I wonder what weighs more… a real cow or this one.

  5. tammie says:

    just came across your iron cow in the garden. We just purchased one just like this and was hoping you knew more about these cows

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