Tuesday’s Find…A Dovecote

Dovecotes fascinate me.  The ancient Romans had immense pigeon housing/raising structures.  They brought that idea with them on their march through Europe.  In the Middle Ages pigeons were a common part of the menu used for both eggs and meat, so the need to house them was functional as well as aesthetic.  Even those living in cities raised (some still do) rooftop pigeons.

Jump forward to the 21st century and dovecotes are among the most romantic of garden structures.

Vintage dovecote

This one is from Mary Ann Jones Antiques in Los Angeles.  Dovecotes can be small additons to an existing building or stand alone structures.  Often abandoned now, I think they deserve a second look, particularly with the upswing interest in backyard chickens…can pigeons be far behind?

The dovecote at Quatre Vents
Scottish 'beehive' dovecote
Classic round dovecote



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