Tuesday’s Find…a pair of garden helpers

I have always loved tools–especially garden tools.   Even more than new tools, I love old tools.  Tools that have felt the touch and respect of others and that have the patina of many years of jobs well done.  In celebration of the first official week of spring in the garden I have a duo of antique tools to make the job easier.  First, for all those loads of compost…a wheel barrow from the 1920s.  It has remnants of red paint left on the wheel and an industrial quality.  It’s from Ma(i)snonry in Napa Valley.

Wheel Barrow

The second in my duet of garden tools is a water trolley that is functional and designed to bring water to places where a hose and irrigation don’t reach.  Its from b grover limited home in Dallas.

Water Trolley



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One thought on “Tuesday’s Find…a pair of garden helpers

  1. So cool to have these tools to use in the garden of clients. It gives a feeling of being in touch with the past, so much more interesting and fun. Charming.( The only thing that concerns me is the weight, some older garden tools where very heavy.)

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