Tuesday’s Find…a portable greenhouse

This small portable greenhouse from The Elemental Garden struck my fancy.   I don’t have enough space or sun for something more permanent–even a cold frame.  This could also be interpreted as a somewhat easy DIY project with found casement windows and hardware store wheels.

Antique Portable Greenhouse

I can imagine wheeling this around my gardens next spring.

Greenhouse details

This is the perfect size for me.  I don’t start many seeds…just things I can’t easily find in my nursery crawls.

Hinged for warm days...

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  1. Cute. Even cute enough to leave just lying around…

    Right?! I just liked its proportions initially…then I saw seedlings.–s

  2. Very nice- I might have to build one. It could paint it to match my greenhouse!

    I don’t think it would be that difficult to build a facsimile…report back if you do!–s

  3. I love this… would look cute on a sunny deck! Great share susan!

    It would look great anywhere!–s

  4. I love this idea and immediately thought of how to make it more modern looking.
    I don’t need another “project”, but this sure would be a fun one !

    I hear you. The DYI projects are stacking up around here…so are design projects and that’s a good thing!–s

  5. LOVE this! Cute, manageable–could easily be a neat focal point in your garden. Nice find!

    Thanks, Katie. I don’t have room for anything more than this and no room in the garage so it has to look good!–s

  6. I cannot seem to locate the cost. Do you see where it is published?

    The Elemental Garden. Click the link and look in their gallery.–s

  7. Great idea to make our own portable greenhouse. Amazing! Thanks for sharing!

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