Tuesday’s Find…a silver snail

Sometimes you want some bling in your garden. sometimes a bit of kitsch is warranted–so is a sense of humor.  This vintage sprinkler has all in ample supply! It’s a clever design that would also look great when not doing its watering  job.  Finally! a snail you want in your garden!  It’s from Skyscraper in New York.


Silver sprinkler snail

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  1. I haven’t gone in much for ornaments in the garden, but when they are useful and beautiful they are really tempting. What a lovely snail!

  2. It’s beautiful. In contrast to Pat, I already have way too many objets de jardin in my tiny space, including a snail made out of rusty industrial materials. These two would have to duke it out, and the incumbent might win by weight alone. Thanks for your Tuesday findliness.

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