Tuesday’s Find…a silver snail

Sometimes you want some bling in your garden. sometimes a bit of kitsch is warranted–so is a sense of humor.  This vintage sprinkler has all in ample supply! It’s a clever design that would also look great when not doing its watering  job.  Finally! a snail you want in your garden!  It’s from Skyscraper in New York.


Silver sprinkler snail

4 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Find…a silver snail

  1. It’s beautiful. In contrast to Pat, I already have way too many objets de jardin in my tiny space, including a snail made out of rusty industrial materials. These two would have to duke it out, and the incumbent might win by weight alone. Thanks for your Tuesday findliness.

  2. Curious to know the price of your “silver snail sprinkler”. I’m afraid I don’t check my email much but would luv to friend you if you’re on Facebook or likewise friend me (with company name if possible).

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