Tuesday’s Find…a swing

I’ve written about amusement parks here before.  Before computerized light displays and back lit plastic artwork, there was simple beauty and magic in these mostly summer places.  I am still drawn to travelling carnivals because of their simplicity and straightforward delivery of fun and innocent thrills.  I look forward to them each and every summer.

Now that summer is almost over, I imagine this vintage amusement park swing used in a garden.  There are so many ways other than a swing that come to mind…an easy shelf on a porch,  a support for a container, or as a simple curiousity…


Vintage amusement park swing

It can be had at Obsolete in Venice, California.

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2 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Find…a swing

  1. Susan, Wow, that looks almost exactly like the swings on a ride at Lake Compunce in CT. It’s my favorite ride in the park (I hate roller coasters). The swing ride looks like it’s been there for decades and decades but there is something so joyful about spinning around in a circle, high off the ground, with your feet swinging back and forth in the air. thanks for evoking such fond memories.

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