Tuesday’s Find…an iron arbor

Anyone who has been on my FB page or has followed this blog for any length of time knows that I love faux bois and ironwork –equally.  This Tuesday’s Find combines the best of both!  A cast iron arch with distinct faux bois roots in its oak tree and leaf motif.  From Barbara Israel Garden Antiques (see below).  Circa 1890, the piece was originally part of a larger fence/gate combination…boy would I love to have see that!

I have long been a fan of Barbara Israel Garden Antiques.  They are beautifully edited and mostly very traditional.  There is also a line of reproductions at much (but still pricey) lower prices.

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6 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Find…an iron arbor

  1. That is a beauty! I found one at an estate sale this autumn but not quite that ornate…but I love it!

    Lucky girl! I rarely find anything good at estate sales anymore. The dealers get first crack and they’re picked over before I even get there…oh well. Enjoy your arbor.–s

  2. That is a beautiful arbor. In our area most arbors are made of rebar or ‘engineered wood.’

    I know the exact type of arbor you’re talking about. They’re better than the vinyl ones which are just really ugly and way too shiny!–s

  3. A gorgeous arbour. In fact, it would be a shame to grow anything up it, concealing the artwork. Actually, I’ve seen a handsome arbour — really, more pergola-ish — made of criss-crossed rebar. So the old adage applies: it isn’t the X that counts, it’s what you do with it.

    Just like anything…it is what you make of it. I agree 1000% about not growing anything on it. Not everything needs to be covered with plants…–s

  4. hey susan, have you seen/heard of minn’s garden gate at cornell? craig at ellis hollow had a nice post on it a while back:

    it’s a stunning piece of iron work… even if it isn’t an antique!

    here’s a write up that the cornell chronicle posted on it:

    I hadn’t seen it. There’s a lovely one somewhat like it at Chanticleer. Since the response to this was so wonderful I’m going to do a whole post on iron…–s

  5. I wonder if this fantastic cast Iron fence gate arch also served as horse hitching posts for visitors to temporarily secure their horses to? The reason I think that might be possible is that I have a pair of antique cast iron Faux Bois hitching posts with similar characteristics as this gate arch, i.e. faux bark and cut branches etc.. and at the top of mine, there are these trimmed branches that loop over slightly to form a closed area for tying a horses reins to. On each of my hitching posts there are 2 loops for this purpose, and at the same spot on the iron arch above, there are 2 loops on each side as well. In the second photo you can see the broken branch and leaf form an open loop and that cut off branch forms another as it contacts that leaf on the other side. Just a thought. I think I might be right though.

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