Tuesday’s Find…bargain hunting

While it’s fun to dream about expensive antiques for the garden, my wallet doesn’t always agree with the result so I decided to do a specialized search 1st Dibs for garden objects that were $500 and less.  Sometimes I don’t have the time to hunt, so I’m willing to pay for something great…even if I have to save for a few months.

I did’t really think I’d find much since the antiques market is hot right now, but I was surprised at the results.  There were a few gems–all under $350 instead of my original goal of $500.  Here  are 3 of them with their prices–click on the photo to investigate further.

These were a bit pricey, but I love the patina…

Vintage French Watering cans - $150 each

These were a steal though.  I’ve seen them for much more in much worse shape.

Russell Woodward side chairs -$350

The steal of the day…1970’s vintage chairs in an awesome cobalt blue.

1970s Chairs $275 for the pair



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