Tuesday’s Find…boardwalk planters

Coney Island amusement park opened this week.  What does that have to do with garden design?  Here’s the tale…

You wouldn’t really know it, but Coney Island is in my blood.  My uncle owned and built Astroland on the site of the former beer garden Feldman’s.  His wife ran a speakeasy in the 20s that was popular with crooked politicians.  Another less entrepreneurial uncle ran one of the carousels.   I grew up with stories of the Steeplechase and the Parachute Jump.  As a child I had passes for the  famous wooden roller coaster The Cyclone that was next door…it is the only one of those pieces of boardwalk history still operating as it was then.

When I saw these terra cotta planters from a bath house on the boardwalk all of the stories associated with my Coney Island past collided with my present.  This is why I love old things.  They preserve bits and pieces of the past and they tell stories.   They’re from Elizabeth Street Gallery in New York.

First…where they were on the 3rd floor…

As they are for sale now…


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  1. Who knew? I’m gonna pass this along to my sweetie who hails from Coney Island.. He’s gonna love it! Hope this finds you well…

  2. Sensational roller coaster structure too which I am sure passed thru to you and was an early influence as to the power of shape and design.

  3. Now that’s fun- the planters are wonderful!
    I love the history behind things…

  4. So both you AND Woody Allen grew up under the rollercoaster at Coney Island! (Annie Hall) Wonderful story. Love the trident and fish/seahorse motif on the planters for the bathhouse.

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