Tuesday’s Find…cement table

Sometimes I just see something and say YES!  This garden table was one of those.  Funky and modern, this table would not be easy to use on just any patio or in any garden.  What a statement it makes.  Objects that take a visual stand aren’t for everyone, they have to speak to you in some way–and they have to work with the site they are placed it.  You have to love it.  I’m at a point in my life where I have to really, really love something to actually acquire it.  If this table speaks to you it’s at Wyeth in New York.  I’m going to stop in there when I’m in the neighborhood next week and see if I really, really love it in person!

2 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Find…cement table

  1. To be completely honest-and would there be by point in anything else-I hate this!
    It looks as though it were made of sumthing we call ‘Wheatbix’ over here. A kind of compacted wheaten cereal cake that you eat with milk and sugar and boy do u need those to get thru it!
    There isn’t anything I get about it and I am puzzled. Puzzled because I usually find myself liking your points and tastes. But hey this is the exception which proves the rule!
    It’s fine to hate it. Not everything is for everyone…if we liked everything the same we’d loose our individuality as designers! I’ll make sure I’m just as honest with you…love critique!–s

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