Tuesday’s Find…Croquet and cocktails anyone?

I have one of these in my garage.  My lawn isn’t really level enough to play on–we still try–and it’s missing some wickets.  Croquet anyone?

I love croquet parties.  It’s very old fashioned, but fun and competitive.  Add a tall classic summer cocktail like a Tom Collins, great friends and you have a great garden party.

The croquet set is from Marsh Garden Decor…the Tom Collins photo from Mad Men (a recipe is here)


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2 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Find…Croquet and cocktails anyone?

  1. One of our friends with an amazing amount of fashion sense hosts an annual croquet party, at which everyone dresses in their croquet whites. Being farther out in the country and having a sloping yard dotted with stacks of building materials, we opt for extreme croquet. Eventually the oak slabs will be made into an outdoor coffee table, but till then they make a great ramp…

    Extreme croquet sounds like a reality show on TV…you may have something there!–s

  2. Yeah, croquet can be gentle and Edwardian, but can also be vicious. My wife’s family used it to show me the new comer what they were really like! Happy memories!

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