Tuesday’s Find…Deck Chair

Okay, so this chair is an sold as an art piece created by infamous British artist Damien Hirst.  Other artists have created some too.  Although I think the originals could be really fun to have, they are also  something to knock off –at a bit less than the $425 price tag for the Hirst original or $325 for the others.

I have a set of folding deck chair frames in the garage that I procured from the side of the road.  So with a few yards of some happy fabric and about an hour’s worth of work, I can have my very own ‘art’ chairs…maybe I’ll sign the legs with a Sharpie.

Chairs by artists (top row) Sir Peter Blake, Gary Hume, Marc Quinn, Sam McEwan; (bottom row) Keith Tyson, Rob & Nicky Carter, Damien Hirst.

If you want to buy an original…the chairs are available from Artware Editions.

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2 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Find…Deck Chair

  1. Susan, I love them (i’m partial to the butterflies) and totally agree that this has DIY written all over it.

    Right? I’m not being insulting here. I appreciate art and finely crafted pieces but I’m also all about the knockoff.–s

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