Tuesday’s Find…for the garden

I love the hunt for unique items for the gardens I design.  For the past year I have been posting ‘Tuesday’s Find’ exclusively on my FB page.  This year it will be here.  Each Tuesday one item–usually vintage–will be featured.  Sometimes they will be garden specific, other times pieces to repurpose and adapt for garden use.  I love furniture, so there will be much of that.   Feel free to join in and comment on how you would use or not use the item in a garden.

This week’s find is a ceramic birdhouse from the 1970s by California potter Victoria Littlejohn.  It’s available from Noho Modern in Los Angeles.

70s Ceramic Birdhouse

One thought on “Tuesday’s Find…for the garden

  1. Avid birder here Susan, so this one is a love at first sight! Imagine that repurposed as a hanging light fixture. It would through interesting shadows with the hole left intact.

    Ooooo. That’s a cool idea. I don’t often find birdhouses that I really lust after, but this is one.–s

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