Tuesday’s Find…garden swag?

This pair of architectural fragments caught my eye this week. These are not what you would typically think to use in a garden.

They’re carved wood so they would need a sheltered place to last any length of time, but I think they’re really crazy cool. Two immediate ways to use them could be as funky decoration on the front or bottom of a rectangular window box or wall hung planter.  OR I could use them on the outside of the two windows that face my patio from the garage…outdoor faux draperies?  The detail is extraordinary and they’re just so much fun!  They’re from Polly McArthur and Associates in Seattle…I’ll have to stop in when I’m there in July with the Garden Bloggers Fling!


Carved wood swags


4 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Find…garden swag?

  1. Coolness. I think you should purchase them, make molds, create resin reproductions and sell them as window boxes. If you can find a way to have them expandable, bespoke in custom sizes, I’ll take two.
    Oooo. They would be luscious reproduced as window boxes. They have that Scarlett O’Hara dress made from draperies appeal!–s

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