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Two NYC Designer Show Houses, Part 2

Last week I was able to preview the Elle Decor Modern Life Concept House.  Of course, amid a crush of 150 people trying to get into and photograph every small space, I headed out to the patio.  The smallish urban space was designed by Michael Tavano.  Unlike the massive impersonal terraces at the Kips Bay Decorator Show House, Tavano succeeded in making an intimate, useful space full of ideas.

I wasn’t able to get great photos–it was wet and there were too many people.  So here are those I did get. Look carefully and you’ll notice that I didn’t move much more than a foot in any direction to get the shots…it was small.

My first impression was of the bold use of yellow.  I know the brand is Farrow and Ball, and I suspect the color is Babouche.

Unexpected use of color

Next was the eclectic combination of elements from super modern to tradtional.  Much of it from Restoration Hardware.  The dining table and chairs are from their new Mulholland collection.

Contemporary punctuated with traditional elements

Last was the  use of a step up to a deck that created a low bi-level space that delineated the seating area from the dining area.

Bi level deck and dining area

The cabana from Designlush included the metal gold circle pattern screens that reminded me of some Paco Rabanne dresses from the Sixties.

Paco Rabanne dresses from the 60s

Overall I thought it was packed with interesting ideas and excellent space planning.  I want to thank everyone at Kravat for arranging this for the BlogFest2012 participants.


2 thoughts on “Two NYC Designer Show Houses, Part 2

  1. Hi Susan!
    I am surprised you were even able to get those good photos!

    It was so nice to meet you. Love your header.

    I may be in NYC in July; let’s get together then?

  2. Totally into a meet up in NYC in July. I’ll be back in town after 7-7!

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