Under foot. A stone carpet.

A grey project for a grey day.

This is part of the project I’ve been updating here, it started with design work last spring and is now the last build of the season. The photo below shows a partially completed stone ‘carpet’ in the larger patio. What you see is a snapped salt & pepper granite ribbon border, random granite flagstone interior with a detail of 4 x 4 salt & pepper Belgium block. This is obviously before it’s been cleaned up.

The stonework is taking a very long time due to the difficulty of working with the granite. It will be fits and starts now due to the weather window closing–rain and cold have dogged us all week long.

4 thoughts on “Under foot. A stone carpet.

  1. What a great idea. I’ve considered digging up my brick patio and making a carpet-looking pattern out of it. Never seem to get enough enthusiasm to actually do it. Will you post photos of the final project in total?

  2. I will post the project’s progress as it moves along. I’ve had the opportunity to use alot of interesting materials, details and ideas in this one.

  3. Hello Susan;
    Please identify the stone materials and mortar used. I would like to keep these textures in my bag of tricks for masonry.


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