Virtual Wanderlust…Le Pavillion de Galon

Every now and then I get sucked in.  I wander off my intended path and Voila! I find something wonderful, better yet when the possibility exists to stay there.  I love the gardens at Le Pavillon de Galon, a bed and breakfast in the south of France.  The balance between formal structure and wild plantings is something I try to achieve in my own designs.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

le pavillion de galon gardens

View through the garden to the chateau

The gardens have been recognized by the French Ministry of Culture and Environment as ‘remarkable’.  I agree.

Garden at Le Pavillion de Galon

Wild and clipped juxtaposed

the gardens at Le Pavillion de Galon

A planted spiral interspersed with olive trees

The long low light

Let’s go and have lunch!

Lunch in the garden

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  1. Haven’t been to Le Pavillon de Galon but it looks amazing in the pictures. Definitely have to visit the garden. Come on now get your secrets out in the open so that everyone can enjoy such leisure.

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