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Tomorrow is  the last public day of the show house garden.  We will be harvesting vegetables for the next week and then poof! it will be gone.  Along one side of the fence I created a perennial cutting garden from plants that were already on site.  There was no way to know what the bloom color was, so it was largely created for foliage texture.

Rosa 'Guinevere'

Among the plants rescued was a polyantha rose…Rosa ‘Guinevere’.  It has been blooming its head off for about a week now.  The home’s owner was amazed that the scraggly rose that was in standing water in March could be so beautiful.  I agree–it’s a beauty.

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  1. “… then “poof! it will be gone.” How gone? ALL gone? Surely not?

  2. What is more to the point, what would Sir Lancelot have thought?!
    Best Wishes

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