Why Fit In?

I have never fit in. There have been times, like when I was in high school, where fitting in seemed important, so I tried. I still didn’t really fit in–there was always the nagging sensation that I wasn’t really being authentic.

As I grew and evolved as a designer, I learned to get used to blunt critique and/or praise of my work and view it with my own value meter. Reject what I didn’t believe, embrace what I did. This process also made me more secure in who I was as a person. The nagging sensation of not being authentic mostly disappeared. What didn’t disappear, however, is the fact that I still don’t really fit neatly into any ready categories that people seem to need to organize their thoughts, lives and ideas.

Miss R doesn’t really fit in either. It’s not a garden blog–although I sometimes write about gardens and post garden pictures. It’s not a design blog, although I certainly explore that also. It’s not a blog of personal revelation, but that is definitely a component. It’s not a blog about process either. It doesn’t fit in.

It is a blog about the thoughts, ideas, images, work, people and places that fill my creative life. I’m standing in the middle of my life as individual as ever, as unable to fit neatly into anyone’s categories as I ever was. The difference is that I now know that’s because I don’t need to. I am authentically me.

7 thoughts on “Why Fit In?

  1. Hi Susan. I found your blog thru twitter…I’m chathamnj. Nice blog and I think its good not to fit in because it just means you’re the same as everyone else. Instead you are unique!

  2. I think many people share your same sense of authenticity. 😀 Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. I think you did a masterful and succinct job of articulating exactly how I feel as well. Thanks Miss R!

  4. Here! Here! Your thoughts about fitting in, who you are, individuality and what you blog about mirror a great deal of the way I feel about myself. Thank you for writing about it, not only putting into words your own journey but that of some of the rest of us as well. I feel free to be me too. Take me or leave me, I will still be ME.

  5. Thanks for your comments. I’m glad my experiences are similar to what others are feeling. Without sentimentality, I’m getting better at sharing what I think and feel.

  6. Bravo on “Why Fit In”, Bravo on “More than Me” and what a hoot to read “Trash or Treasure”. It happens to all of us but is most comical reading about someone else’s experience. Your blog is real and refreshing and for the thinking person. Please keep it up – well worth the read!

  7. Thank you for the props. I’m actually flattered that anyone is reading!

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