Why I Write This.

Yesterday I recorded a podcast about blogging with landscape designers and bloggers Chris Heiler and Rochelle Greayer who writes the wonderful landscape design blog StudioG.

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That discussion made me think again about why I write this blog. I don’t follow the rules that most bloggers tell you to follow–I don’t write for an audience. Yes, Miss R does fit into a larger grand plan, but it’s not a commercial one. I write for me–Miss R is a way for me to quietly explore thoughts and ideas via the written word. I don’t interact with others as I do on Twitter or Facebook or even via email–I just write about whatever I’m thinking about–or that interests me at the moment–but always as it relates to my life and work as a designer.

There is a long and varied tradition of artists and designers who write. I’ve always read artist’s words in letters, journals, on canvases in or in books. I look at Miss R as a companion piece to the rest of my life as a designer–another form of expression. I’m honored that anyone wants to read what I write and that these words have value to others–but I’m not trying to create value or give advice. So, I’ll continue to selfishly explore my own thoughts here, but I also want thank you for reading and secretly hope that you’ll continue to do so.

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2 Responses to Why I Write This.

  1. Alice Joyce says:

    Dear Miss Rumphius, thank you for sharing your thoughts about blogging. Yesterday I saw a new play by a local playwright, and I can see an analogy. We find myriad ways of expressing ourselves, and it’s a good thing. Each of us at any given point in time using various avenues to reach out and connect.

  2. Garden Chick says:

    You go girl! Right on the money! I write whatever I want about whatever I want. My thoughts, my life, my interests. Self-expression is what a blog is about. The author’s expression. If people don’t like it, they do not have to read it :)

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