Winter vs. Summer

Much has been said about the merits of the garden in winter. I agree that there is magic in the winter landscape–just not mine.

I leave the grasses and plants with interesting seed heads to winter over, I’ve added some evergreen structure, plants with interesting bark and other accessories. Unlike the highly considered and tightly designed gardens I provide for my clients, my garden is a constant experiment, it is a haven or death row for leftover plants, a tasting menu for deer, and generally organic in its upkeep and its lack of a plan. I think I still have to experiment some more with its winter interest…

Winter the morning after another inch of light snow

High Summer texture and color

2 thoughts on “Winter vs. Summer

  1. I expect nothing from my winter landscape, so whatever I see that pleases me is a bonus. That’s the best way for me to deal with it.

    Your snowy grasses look great!

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